Thursday, September 13, 2012


It is no secret that this economy has been tough on many of us.  Grocery shopping gets more and more painful with every trip to the store.  So how can we save on our grocery bill?  Yes, there are the obvious answers such as coupons and sales.

Did you know that there are other ways to save as well?  For many of you, a great way to save is by checking out your local Gleaners organization.  Gleaners is a food assistance program that allows you to pay a small amount per month ($40 for a family of 4) to come away with a large amount of food each week.  An average family gets around $150 worth of groceries for that $40.  Gleaners works off of donations from chain grocery stores and others.  Many of the products are at or near their expiration dates, however can safely be eaten after that.  Additionally, many local farms and garden donate fresh fruits and vegetables.

Gleaners is fantastic for those needing a little extra each month or for those wanting to stock up their supply shelves.

Gleaners does have income limits for those who sign up.  Call your local Gleaners branch today to see if they can help you!  Here is the website for the Willamette Valley Gleaners program.

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