Sunday, May 27, 2012

Freezer Cooking to Save Money

Believe it or not freezer cooking is a great way to save on your grocery bill in addition to saving you a tremendous amount of time.  Having your freezer full of pre-prepared meals can really change your life. 

Yes, we all love convenience, and yes, driving through a fast food restaurant may seem convenient, but it is painful for our wallets and downright bad for our health.  Even more convenient then a drive through though is being able to come home and reach into the freezer for a nice healthy dinner.   

Freezer cooking day is hectic and busy, but it is well worth it when you have weeks' worth of dinner prepared and ready to make the other days that much less stressful. 

When you decide to make freezer cooking a part of your life, begin with a well organized menu and shopping list.  Always remember to start your shopping in your pantry and to shop sales with coupons so that you make this adventure as frugal as can be!

Here are some great tools to help you!

Freezer Cooking Recipes from MSM
Freezer Cooking Website

Have fun and good luck!!

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